We’ve previously seen the bonkers Ripsaw EV2 tank drifting around a frozen lake, so we know it to be a thing of extreme awesomeness. And that we therefore need no excuses to watch another video of it tearing through massive mud holes and ripping around a quarry.

The Ripsaw started out as a military vehicle – the fastest of its type, ever – built by Howe & Howe but is now available to civilian buyers with a 600bhp diesel engine and a luxuriously-trimmed interior. The blurb implies it’s even road legal – be interesting try to get one through Single Vehicle Approval in the UK. The price? “Well into the hundreds of thousands,” says Howe & Howe.

I genuinely can’t conceive of any reason anyone would actually need a Ripsaw – unless they happen to live in a Fast & Furious film – and yet they’re are few things in this world I want more.

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