The ‘elf and safety police will have a nervous breakdown.

But who cares about them?

If you are of a nervous disposition do not watch this.

But check out this brilliant footage of UTV World Champion and three-time off-road champion RJ Anderson doing a sensational backflip.

This footage has not been done for any good reason but to attain YouTube views.

However, it’s pretty special stuff.

RJ Anderson

RJ Anderson

Anderson buzzes round in his Polaris RZR like it’s some kind of angry-sounding wasp over every conceivable type of terrain. Nothing gets in his way, rocks, jumps and even a quick whirl round a Wall of Death just for fun.

Even in the big backflip crescendo he takes out a drone capturing the footage.

Please don’t try this at home in your Fiat 500. We promise you will require more than a box of plasters to sort the wounds.

Phil Lanning

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