Road Conditions

In autumn and winter you are 11 per cent more likely to have a car accident due to road conditions than you are in spring or summer, with a third of accidents in the colder months being attributed to the road environment, or weather related issues.

With the winter weather well and truly on its way, most people are thinking of wrapping up and keeping warm but I’d urge drivers across the country to use this handy STRIP OFF guide to help stay safe on the UK’s roads.

Sunnies. Not something you normally associate with winter BUT the sun is lower in the sky and the reflection off the road can be crippling.

Take supplies. Blankets, water, food and a torch.

Research. Listen to the local and national weather forecast. Programme your car radio to be interrupted by travel updates. I know they’re annoying but they are vital during the winter months. If it’s really bad, stay at home.

If you must travel, let someone know where you’re going, make sure you have a full tank of fuel and charge your mobile.

Prepare your vehicle. Check your lights, battery, windscreen wipers, tyres, brakes, everything. It’s a pain but you’ll thank yourself when you drive past the poor person pulled over on the M1 in torrential rain.

Only leave when your windows are completely clear. It. is. Not. Worth. Risking. It. Otherwise. Don’t use boiling water either. A scraper or anti-freeze, then waiting all of two minutes for your car to heat up is the best option.

Fogs, floods, snow, ice. Driving in these conditions is very different, so it’s important to adapt your driving style accordingly.

Familiarise yourself with all of the controls in your car. So, if you do get caught in fog, or have to pull over, you know where your fog lights, hazard light and air conditioning buttons are.


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