Road rage horror on dash cam

Road rage in California

IT looks like a scene out of a movie chase but this is actually real life road rage.

On Wednesday the driver and rider of a Nissan Sentra and Harley Davidson got in a dispute on Southern California’s 14 Freeway.

The biker KICKS the door of the Nissan and the car swerves dramatically to the left, ploughing into the centre reservation wall.

But just when it bursts into flames and you think the car has come to a standstill, it swings back across the carriageway and horrifically into an oncoming Cadillac Escalade EXT.

The luxury pick-up then FLIPS over onto its roof and screeches down the highway.

Somehow the Harley avoids the carnage and flees the scene – and American cops are now on a manhunt to find the rider.

According to the people filming, the road rage began when the Nissan Sentra cut off the motorcyclist—it was at that point they began filming on dash cam.

The Escalade driver had to be transported to the hospital due to injuries sustained during the crash, according to CBS Los Angeles.

But it’s a miracle no one was more seriously hurt.

Phil Lanning

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