IS this the Rolls-Royce of the 22nd century?

While most of us believe we’ll be floating on autonomous magic carpets in the mid-air by 2050, the future of the luxury car apparently looks like this.

It isn’t real and hasn’t emerged from Goodwood, the world famous home of Roller.

Is this Rolls-Royce of the future?

Is this Rolls-Royce of the future?

It’s the wild imagination of Sergey Dvornytskyy. He might sound like a James Bond villain but this is the work of his CGI renders.

He said: “Inspired by the wonderful world of Syd Mead illustrations and the latest trends in Rolls-Royce design. I tried to create the ultimate luxury electric vehicle for the futuristic world of autonomous driving.”

Dvornytskyy also added that this is his vision of “a luxury yacht for roads of the future”. It’s a styling exercise more than reality.

Is this Rolls-Royce of the future?

Is this Rolls-Royce of the future?

It actually looks immense and if this is the future then bring it on.

Just one thing he didn’t get right – the name.

It’s called The Exterion. There’s no way Roller would ever release something with such a modern name.

There’s no doubt it would have to follow the spooky pattern of Phantom, Ghost and Wraith.

The Rolls Poltergeist sounds great.

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