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Another 'fine' example of a bespoke Rolls

Rolls Royce has never been a company to shy away from the bespoke side of things. That’s good when you consider how much they cost. When you’re buying an Astra, there’s a degree of ‘like it or lump it’. When your bill is deep into six figures you’d hope for the option of some special treatment. It’s that treatment that Rolls Royce delights in delivering. The most recent example of that ‘above and beyond’ bespoke work comes in the form of this Dawn and the accompanying Wraith, which have been customised to, erm, make you think of a holiday destination?

A new Dawn, a new day?
A new Dawn, a new day?

No, we’re not sure either. Apparently the idea is to capture the atmosphere and decadence of Porto Cervo. It’s a wonderful seaside town on the Italian island of Sardina that glistens in the sun. It attracts the world’s most refined holidaymakers care of its beaches, its marina and more. To encapsulate a visit here, the cars have been themed ‘Dusk until Dawn’. It’s a reference to a day in the town, not the film where George Clooney has a fight with vampires. That would probably be a less lucrative direction for Rolls Royce to move in.

The Wraith represents dusk, don't you know?
The Wraith represents dusk, don’t you know?

According to the press release “a two-tone silver exterior reflects the dimming of the day’s light, whilst a purple feature line hints at the interior mood of this unique motor car. The Spirit of Ecstasy, the figurine that has graced the bonnet of each Rolls-Royce since 1911, casts a soft illumination from her position upon the motor car’s signature grille“.

However, the Dawn “has been specified to capture the vibrancy and vivid colour of the Porto Cervo seascape. A unique emerald green exterior is offset against a distinct seashell and green leather interior. Open-pore teak encapsulates the occupants, alluding to the elegant sensation of a marine sojourn. A Bespoke teak boot floor mat has been created for the luggage compartment, continuing the nautical theme.” Now, we don’t know what a sojourn is, but doesn’t Rolls Royce make you want one?

It all sounds rather exquisite, but what else would you expect from one of the world’s foremost luxury brands? And of course, the fit and finish of all this is utterly flawless. From the ostrich leather in the Wraith, through to the dashboard encrusted with emeralds and mother of pearl in the Dawn. They might not be to everyone’s taste, but isn’t that the point? They’re bespoke, an example of what can be done. If you wanted yours to be painted pink with Hello Kitty on the head rests, we’re sure Rolls would oblige.

Yes, they're real emeralds. You don't get that in a Micra.
Yes, they’re real emeralds. You don’t get that in a Micra

There’s no word on pricing for these two cars, but as they say, if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it! However, should you be heading to Sardina sometime before September, you’ll be able to visit the Rolls Royce Summer Studio in Porto Cervo and see the cars for yourself, teak, purple leather, illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy,  and all.


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