Running out of Fuel

Running out of fuel is one of the most common reasons for a vehicle to breakdown, especially in winter.

Lazy motorists, frugal drivers trying to run on empty, a shortage of petrol stations, fuel strikes and garages miscalculating the fuel needed for their customers are all to blame for motorists running out of fuel. One whisper of a fuel shortage and petrol pumps run dry.

In winter the problem becomes worse as vehicles use more fuel in cold weather and motorists join traffic jams in snow for long periods, burning fuel but making no progress.

Whatever the reason, the problem can be easily be avoided by carrying spare fuel. Using an approved, say, 20 litre steel jerry container you can carry petrol or diesel safely in the boot of a vehicle or it can be stored in the garage at home.

A friend of mine ventured out three times to his stranded 19 year old daughter’s Ford Fiesta, saying she was more likely to look in the vanity mirror than check her fuel gauge. The last time was 1am in the morning. Now he makes sure she always carries spare fuel.

Basically, what I’m saying is that by carrying spare fuel safely you can be saved the embarrassment, discomfort and expense of being stranded on the hard shoulder of a motorway on a freezing cold winter’s night.

Calling a garage out can cost over £100 – and that’s certainly not good news for a frugal motorist!

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