Scary drag racing crash

Driving a Top Fuel dragster is like riding a medium-sized explosion, unleashing about 8,000bhp to cover a quarter-mile in four seconds or less.

Those four seconds are incredibly busy, trying to keep a flyweight, 30-foot long, surprisingly flimsy machine pointing in roughly the right direction.

The last thing the driver wants is for one of the million possible things that could go wrong to actually go wrong. But that’s exactly what happened to Larry Dixon when his car snapped in half at nearly 300mph.

This is very scary crash, even more so because it looks to be completely inexplicable. The nose of the car appears to bend to the right before air gets underneath, lifting the front and snapping it clean off. The rear half flies into the air, crashes down and smacks into the wall, eventually grinding to a halt. It seems like the car simply, and quite literally, folded under the pressure.

Fortunately Larry was given a clean bill of health after a checkover at the race track’s medical centre. Hopefully he’ll be back drag racing before too long.

Video via Youtube/NHRA

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