Seat want YOU to name their car

Seat President Luca de Meo

WOULD you like to name the model of a new car?

Well Seat are offering that unique opportunity for their new SUV which goes on sale next year.

The Barcelona-based car firm launched the #SEATseekingname project offering the public the chance to name the brand-new SUV.

So either they’ve got a very lazy marketing department or they’ve sacked the lot of them.

Either way leaving it to the public could be fraught with disaster.

Remember how the Natural Environment Research Council’s naming competition went when their £200million boat was voted to be called ‘Boaty McBoatface’!

Seat President Luca de Meo
Seat President Luca de Meo

To ensure that this doesn’t happen the Spanish car firm has stated that the car must be named after place in Spain.

So Seat will be hoping that no one opts for Matagorda (Kill Fatty) or Villapene (Penisville).

Seriously though, Seat will look to continue to naming procedure which saw the latest Ateca named after a small municipality in Zaragoza.

Seat President Luca de Meo revealed: “Seat has decided to call upon every fan of the brand to propose and later vote on the name of the new SUV which is set to make history.

“In our efforts to launch #SEATseekingName, we have redefined the typical process in order to engage the public and followers of the brand all over the world in the project from start to finish”.

The competition is running from now until June 22.

Alongside the Spanish geography stipulation Seat say the name must reflect the company’s brand values, produce characteristics and be easy to pronounce in different languages.

A shortlist of three names will be made and announced on September 12 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

And remember, no Car McCarface entries….

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