See the Unseen: Touareg Stars in UK-Produced TV Advert Highlighting Night Vision Tech

See the Unseen: Touareg Stars in UK-Produced TV Advert Highlighting Night Vision Tech

The Volkswagen Touareg is the subject of a new, UK-produced advert which trails its innovative and safety-conscious Night Vision system, as well as its luxurious interior, award-winning design and high level of technology.

Volkswagen Touareg
Volkswagen Touareg

The advert was produced in the UK by adam&eveDDB, directed by Swedish actor and director Niclas Larsson and shot in Vienna, and centres around the Touareg’s Night Vision system. This technology uses a thermal imaging camera to register infrared radiation emitted by people and animals between 10 and 130 metres ahead, and highlights them in either yellow or red in the car’s Active Info Display, depending on the perceived level of risk. The system also pre-conditions the braking assistance systems of the Touareg to allow optimum stopping power, should the hazard escalate.

Three versions of the video advert – 30- and 60-second edits, and a full two-minute cinema cut – will all feature the narrative of a jogger and their dog, who are both invisible until detected by the Touareg’s Night Vision system. The car then alerts the driver of the potential hazard, who performs an emergency stop to avoid the dog. The campaign is to be shown on television, video-on-demand, cinema and on public displays, as well as having print and social media offshoots. It will run for four weeks.

The recently-introduced Touareg Black Edition is the star of the advert, showcasing its Active Info Display, as part of the standard-fit Innovision Cockpit. Its 21-inch ‘Suzuka’ Gloss Black alloy wheels are also featured, while the theme of enhanced vision is continued by the IQ.Light LED matrix headlights, which provide different modes for city driving, motorway driving, poor weather, off-road driving, reducing glare from street signs and more. The comfort provided by the Touareg’s air suspension is also highlighted in the two-minute cut of the advert.

The Night Vision system can further enhance the already exemplary, five-star EURO NCAP-rated safety of any Touareg model, being available across the entire Touareg line-up, from entry-level SE to range-topping Black Edition specification, at a cost of £1,520.

Brian Luckie, Touareg Product Manager at Volkswagen UK, said: “The Touareg is an intelligent, luxurious model with stand-out safety technology to protect not only the occupants inside the car, but also people outside of it. The Night Vision system is a stellar example of this safety technology, allowing the driver to see hazards, as well as allowing more vulnerable road users to be seen in the dark. What better feature to highlight in a far-reaching national advertising campaign?

“We’re extremely proud of the work, because it captures the elegant luxury of the Touareg, while showcasing some of its stand-out features and design elements perfectly. As the technology flagship for Volkswagen, of course not all of its many talents can be explored in a 60-second advert, but focusing on innovative, lesser-known features like Night Vision helps to show just how safety-conscious the Touareg is, while also demonstrating its design and luxury.”

The advert debuted on Saturday 22 February on ITV at 7pm and will shown on numerous targeted platforms over the coming weeks.

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