Sex toys and false leg left in cars

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Sex toys, a false leg, cash and sat navs are the most common things left in used cars.

Last year there were 8.2million used cars sold in the UK, up 7.2 per cent on 2015 sales.

So it’s no great shock that some drivers leave some of their possessions when they part-ex or scrap their motor. has revealed some of the most weird, and vile, things that they have found in used cars.

No great surprises in that the most commonly left behind items are sat navs, child car seats and gloves.

However, the comparison site revealed that they have also found somebody’s artificial leg wrapped in a black bin bag on the back seat of a car.

One car owner will be kicking themselves after accidentally leaving behind a small bag of bank notes in their car.

And, more worryingly, one driver left behind their adult toy under the car seat in an X-rated blunder.

However, one of the really weird objects found inside cars was a framed photo of a person dressed in a woollen suit taking a shower.

Sex toys and sat navs left in used cars
Sex toys and sat navs left in used cars

That provokes more questions than answers. Why would you want a shower in a woollen suit in the first place, take a picture of it and then even frame it.

A spokesperson for who provide scrap and salvage quotes for UK residents said their discoveries always create a big laugh.

They revealed: “We’ve had everything from what looked like a leg in a black bag of what turned out to be artificial to a small bag of bank notes.

“These items are rightfully returned to the original owners to some embarrassment at times.

“Sat navs are a regular item that our buyers have returned but we have had a few awkward moments too.

“There’s been a couple of occasions where there has been an adult toy under a car seat much to the amusement of the office!”

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