The Ferrari Enzo train. Sort of!

Shiki-Shima Luxury Train

HAVING a Ferrari Enzo and 599 GTB on your design CV is not bad going at all.

Maybe not the Mitsubishi Colt CZC…and now even a train.

Well these lames, trains and automobiles are down to Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama and that’s quite a mix of designs.

So this Shiki-Shima Luxury Train is effectively a Ferrari Enzo for the railtrack. Sort of.

Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari Enzo

But, like the Enzo, it’s definitely a unique way to travel. This train is sold out for a year already even though tickets are apparently £2,200 each.

Departing from platform 13½ at Ueno station – which was built exclusively for the train – the 34-passenger, 17-suite Shiki-Shima makes one, two, and three-night round trips through northeast Japan.

Shiki Shima luxury train
Shiki Shima luxury train

The train journeys past terraced rice fields, mountains, and seacoast, stopping to visit ancient shrines and temples, working farms and vineyards, and artisanal ateliers along the way.

Just slightly a better experience than our dire rail system.

Shiki Shima luxury train
Shiki Shima luxury train

But definitely an idea for The Grand Tour classic roadtrip race – the Enzo v Shiki Shima Luxury Train.

Get it on Jezza and co!

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