Shh, Shh, it’s the sound of the Police!

Could this be the ultimate Police car?

They’ll be able to creep up on all those cheeky crims if this goes ahead. Oh yes, the Police are thinking about using the mighty Tesla Model S for enforcing the law. Though don’t get too excited – you won’t be seeing one on Police Interceptors just yet. That’s because this is potentially happening in America. Los Angeles, to be precise.

Yup, the LAPD likes the thought of electric motoring. And why not? The Model S is supremely fast, it’s incredibly safe and there’s enough room in the back for the bad guys. Plus, it’d be really easy for the officers to recharge their tazers.

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Not a Police car

Model S – Police trials

It turns out this isn’t some sort of whimsical fancy. The LAPD have actually had a couple of Teslas on the force for a few months, albeit as a trial. The P85D models were used for evaluation, so the force could work out if it would be able to cope with the stresses of police life. Most importantly though, the LAPD also said it was looking at the possibility of a Tesla high pursuit vehicle. Hear that? That’s the sound of hundreds of cops, giddily jumping about at the idea. The idea of a Police car. A Police car that has ‘Ludicrous Mode’. That’s a winner, right there.

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It looks pretty damn cool

Model S – Taking it further

Now, it seems the LAPD are taking things more seriously. A Model S will be kitted out as a fully functional police vehicle, so it can be used on active duty. No simple wrap and lights here, this will be the real deal. And, should it prove it has what it takes, a Model S could be on the force as soon as 2017.

However, don’t get too giddy. There might be a few, but that’ll be it. The Tesla range is still too costly for the Police to heavily invest in. But, when the prices fall, the LAPD has said it will be waiting. Until then, we’re just thrilled to see such a car make it into the world of law enforcement. It’s like RoboCop, with wheels!

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