Shield your eyes: meet the golden Brabus Rocket 900

We’ve previously encountered the magnificently unnecessary, Mercedes S-Class-based Brabus Rocket 900 in Maybach form, an example of which – possible the only example – is currently sat in the window of Bob Forstner’s showroom on Park Lane. If you’re in the area, it’s well worth a gawp.

Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar, the Rocket 900 starts life as a 6.0-litre V12-powered S-Class – usually an AMG S65, but a plain old S600 will do. The engine is bored out to 6.3-litres, to which industrial-strength pistons, conrods and crankshaft are added, along with a new ECU, exhausts like cannons and turbos big enough to inflate an airship.

The result is 900PS – 887bhp – and 1,106lb/ft of torque. Though it’s actually limited to 884lb/ft to stop the running gear and electronics melting under the strain. 0-62mph is dealt with in 3.2secs, 0-124mph in 9.1secs. Top speed is on the far side of 217mph.

This, you’ll probably have noticed by now, isn’t just any Brabus Rocket. It’s the Desert Gold edition, unveiled earlier this week at the Dubai Motor Show. It’s a bit… sudden, isn’t it? Apparently it was inspired the Middle East’s desert sands.

Besides the retina-scorching paint, the bodywork has received the usual compliment of carbonfibre aerodynamic addenda, finished gloss black or left bare. 21in wheels with gold stripes finish it off.

Inside, no less than 300 parts have been tinted gold, along with bits of the upholstery and stitching. So far as we can tell, though, the only real gold is under the bonnet, used to reflect heat – it’s the best material for the job. By contrast, the McLaren 650S Al Sahara 79 has 24 carat gold particles mixed into its paint.

We don’t know if Brabus is planning to build a series of these Desert Gold edition cars, or if it is a one-off commission. Either way, we doubt there would be much change from half a million quid.

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