It’s a Skoda Jim, but not as we know it

Skoda Vision E concept

SKODA have revealed their “most dynamic” vehicle ever – and it’s powered by electric.

These are the first official pictures of the new Vision E concept that will be revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show this week.

The electric powertrain and design cues are big pointers towards the brand’s future cars.

However Skoda have also confirmed that a full production Skoda electric vehicle will be on sale within just three years.

Skoda Vision E concept
Skoda Vision E concept

The Czech firm unveiled the Vision E at a pre-Shanghai event last night and admitted it’s their most dynamic car yet producing 302bhp and 62mph in just six seconds – claiming it’s more exciting than a combustion car.

The Vision E is powered by two electric motors and the firm says with a total power output of 225kW (302bhp) driving all four wheels to give a top speed of 180kph (112mph) and a range of up to 500km (310 miles).

But the impressive news is that Skoda also revealed that it will be possible to get 80 per cent charged in just half an hour.

It’s part of a massive Volkswagen Group charge towards EVs. Shanghai this week will also see electric models from VW and Audi – the Vision E uses the same platform as the VW I.D.

Skoda have already confirmed that they are planning FIVE pure electric cars by 2025.

The great thing about the influx of these new electric stars is undoubtedly the styling. It feels like the space age future has finally arrived.

The Vision E is a SUV crossover with definite styling from their conventional Kodiaq but it gets an all the more dynamic look with futuristic LED horizontal strip lighting – a front end more like from the Starship Enterprise than Skoda.

Skoda Vision E concept
Skoda Vision E concept

Likewise the interior is more Captain Kirk. It has large glass surfaces and shell seats than can be rotated by up to 20 degrees.

Each passenger also has their own touchscreen to control the in-car settings, integrated phone boxes inside each door and an Eye Tracking function that monitors how alert the driver is and can prompt an alert if it senses they are suffering from tiredness. A heart rate monitor is also fitted which gives the car the ability to make a its own decision and drive itself on to the hard shoulder should it detect a serious medical problem with the driver.

Let’s hope it can realise I’m hungry and also pull over on the M6 and find a Greggs!

Skoda also say that their electric car range will eventually make up a quarter of their sales within eight years.

With this sort of look and technology, we want one now!

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