Every country has its own rules, I get that. But some just seem dumb. Like, for instance, America’s stance on cars less than 25 years old that have been imported. Basically, you’re not allowed to do that. Even if you thing you’re being legal, you’re not. As poor Billy Crider found out when he saw his Skyline crushed.

He bought this beautiful R33 Skyline. He paid for it and obtained the title (like our V5) and then insured it. Happy days. Or not. You see, he was involved in a fender-bender. So the insurance folk came out. They flagged it. It got taken away and then, without a care in the world, they crushed it. Mercilessly so at that. Poor car. Apparently the Feds couldn’t figure out how he got it titled. Odd, but their error, not Billy’s. Now he’s out of a car, out of pocket and the world is less on R33.