Smart’s intelligent car of future

Smart Vision EQ ForTwo

NO driver needed, no steering wheel and not on our roads until 2030.

But this is the future urban motoring.

This is the Smart concept car which, apparently, peeks into our next generation driving.

The Vision EQ ForTwo even has a front grille that can be programmed to display messages to passers-by and other motorists.

Surely that is a bad idea?

There’s an awful lot of messages I’d like to display, but none printable.

Smart Vision EQ ForTwo
Smart Vision EQ ForTwo

Anyway this very exciting looking Smart is ultra intelligent with advanced technology including the huge 24-inch digital readouts that display everything from navigation to video and images.

This is flanked by two smaller displays which can be customised to show individual greetings or messages.

The 44-inch screen on the outside of the car can welcome a “driver” to the car, pass on messages to pedestrians like “cross the road” and even display weather and news information.

As there are no pedals or steering wheel, customers will have to hail the car through an app – and it won’t have to be parked up either.

It will use algorithms to calculate where areas may experience high demand – after a big event for example – and will position itself nearby for requests.

You’ll be able to pick fellow riders based on mutual interests – and if you’re struggling to chat the car will even suggest topics of conversation.

Smart Vision EQ ForTwo
Smart Vision EQ ForTwo

The EQ is accessed through large bubble doors that swing up over the rear wheels – and there’s just a single, lounge-like bench big enough for two people rather than traditional seats.

There’s a retractable armrest if you do end up sharing with someone else and don’t want to get too cosy.

It’ll be powered by 30kWh battery – similar to the one found in a modern day Nissan Leaf – and when it’s not in use it’ll take itself off to a charging point to top up.

Smart CEO Annette Winkler said: “The smart vision EQ ForTwo is our vision of future urban mobility; it is the most radical car sharing concept car of all: fully autonomous, with maximum communication capabilities, friendly, comprehensively personalisable and, of course, electric.

“In the future one and two seat cars will be important for future urban driving. People think that when cars are autonomous the size of the car doesn’t matter, we think the opposite.”

Never mind all that tech stuff. I just want the messaging-displaying grille. Now that will be fun.

Phil Lanning

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