Soldiering On

The season for coughs and colds is now upon us and that means drivers, like me, will be soldiering on even when we feel like death warmed up, heading into work and going about our routines when all we really want is to curl up in bed.

Of course, failure to heed the signs of illness can lead to some serious implications for us, as being poorly can not only impact concentration, but it can also considerably increase our reaction times – both issues that we should avoid at all costs.

It might be that we sometimes choose to fight the symptoms of illness with medication in order to continue to go about our daily lives as normal. But in these cases we should also be wary, as while many over-the-counter treatments can reduce symptoms like a runny nose or sneezing, some can also cause drowsiness.

Therefore, if we’re planning to take to the roads after consuming medication, we should always examine the side-effects of what we’re taking first.

Finally, we need to be aware of the dangers of sneezing and coughing at the wheel, as we travel up to 50 ft with our eyes closed every time we sneeze.

All of these issues combined mean that the autumn and winter can be a treacherous time for us should we fall ill.

Adverse weather is also more likely at this time of year, which can lead to an increased risk of being involved in a car accident.

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