Back to the Magistrates!

Life does not imitate art, at least not when it comes to breaking ‘two fat ladies’ in your DeLorean on the A12. Proud beardist, entrepreneur and car fanatic, Nigel Mills, apparently wound his classic DeLorean up to 89mph on the A12 in November last year.

Needless to say, he didn’t time travel. Mainly because his DeLorean doesn’t have a Flux Capacitor. Schoolboy error there, Nige. Everybody knows you need a Flux Capacitor, a machine to input your destination date and of course, 1.21 gigawatts. or Mr Fusion. Your choice.

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Not Marty McFly

Great Scott!

Despite being clocked, Nigel avoided prosecution thanks to the officers who recorded the offence being unavailable for two different court dates. Poor show, lads. As such, on the basis of lack of evidence, Nigel walked free from court without points or penalty.

There was some rant from Nigel about ‘why should he pay it? The Police have done nothing about travelers who have moved onto his land’ or something. That’s not of interest to us. Sorry fella.

What is of interest, and what’s being ignored by the other media outlets that have published this story is the speed. A DeLorean did 89mph. They’re slow, and rubbish, and not at all fast. 89mph should be applauded, not punished. That has to be something for history (or future?) books!

Nod to Essex Live for the picture

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