Speeding Fines increased to 150% of your salary

Speeding Fines Iincreased

If you get caught speeding behind the wheel you will face harsher punishment from next month.
Speeding motorists will be fined up to £2,500 under the stricter laws which have been introduced to send a tougher message to offenders.

Magistrates will be able to apply the maximum penalty of 150% of the offending driver’s weekly income – up from 100% – from April 24.

Motorists caught speeding on the motorway will potentially face the highest fine of £2,500, where as those caught elsewhere could be fined £1,000.

For example, a driver caught doing 41mph in a 20mph zone or 101mph on a motorway could be fined 150% of their weekly income.

A UK GATSO speed camera monitors the speed of a passing car in a 50mph zone. 

The Sentencing Council introduced the change because it felt the current punishments do not reflect the ‘potential harm’ that speeding can do.

Sentencing guidelines are set out in the table above but magistrates will have the ability to adjust what punishment is dealt based on ‘aggravating factors’ including previous convictions and weather conditions.

New Speeding Fines
New Speeding Fines

In 2015, 166,695 people in England and Wales were sentenced for speeding with the average fine £188.

Speeding is amongst a number of crimes to see tougher or alternative sentencing guidelines introduced including animal cruelty and TV licence evasion.

The changes will come into effect on April 24.

A British policeman using a hand held speed gun

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