Students create BMW X7 pick-up concept

Rumours ocassionally pop up that BMW is planning to put a double cab pick-up truck into prodution. This BMW X7 concept isn’t a sneeky preview of an upcoming new variant. Instead, it’s a one-off prototype created by the Bavarian marque’s apprentices.

From the B-pillars back, the X7 pick-up is essentially entirely new. A new roof section, shortened rear doors and the load bed were grafted onto the existing structure. The bed adds 10cm to the X7’s already vast length. But because the new bodywork is made from CFRP, the whole thing weighs some 200kg less than the standard car. It really isn’t a looker, though.

The load bed is lined in hand-crafted teak and features several attachment points for load straps and such. The bed is 1.4 metres long with the tailgate up and 2 metres with it down. There’s just enough space for a BMW F850 GS motorbike, which is convenient as the thing was actually built for display at Beemer’s Motorrad Days bike shows.

Inside, there’s space for five in as much luxury as the conventional X7. Apparently, the apprentices are planning a trip to the mountains with it.

The Nissan Navara-based Mercedes X-Class is currently the only double cab pick-up with a premium badge. BMW’s tie-up with Toyota had the internet speculating about the possibility of a reworked Hilux being sold by BMW. But we think that’s highly unlikely.

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By Graham King

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