Sunny Evenings

You may have been pleased to see a return to warmer and drier conditions lately, but you should be just as careful driving on sunny evenings as on wet ones, as the glare could put you at risk of an accident.

I’ve found too much bright light can be just as dangerous as too little – and the shortening days are now resulting in the sun being right in your eyes as you drive home from work.

Indeed, a report published last year by the AA showed that the glare of the setting sun at rush hour is responsible for some 3,000 accidents and 36 fatalities every year.

To help you, here’s some advice on how to stay safe this autumn:

  • Slowing down is the most important thing, no matter how much traffic is on the road behind, as this will decrease stopping distance in the event of a blockage ahead.
  • Keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle even though summer has been and gone, as they can be a useful addition to a visor when the sun is especially low.
  • Make sure rear-view mirrors can be tilted quickly whenever it is necessary, as the sun can come in through the back windscreen and reflect from them to dazzle you.
  • Check windscreen washer fluid regularly, as dirt and grime on the glass can obstruct vision when the light is directly on it.

But clearly, it’s not just slippery leaves and lashing rain that you  have to be wary of as the new season gets underway:

You’ll also need to be especially aware of bikes on autumn mornings and evenings, whether it is sunny or not.

According to a recent report, 93 per cent of motorists state they sometimes find it hard to see bike riders, something that may be exacerbated by worsening light.

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