Suzuki’s star car of 2117 will be a….

Suzuki's E-Survivor for Tokyo

WHAT we will be driving in 2117? Flying carpets, hoverboards, time machines, teleportation?

Well, Suzuki are about to reveal their plans at the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

And it’s big news.

The future is…a small SUV.

Wow, we thought it would be a bit more Star Wars than that.

However, it’s called the e-Survivor and looks like a 2117 version of the Jimny or Vitara. There’s even a steering wheel, so Suzuki are predicting that we still will actually drive by then.

Close to now, Suzuki also have a few offerings for this century. There’s three versions of the XBEE (pronounce it cross-bee), which is basically a tiny little crossover. Yes another one.

It comes with the usual marketing tosh. “I want to go out further and have fun with more friends” and “I want to enjoy life cooler”.

Suzuki XBEE concept
Suzuki XBEE concept

You’ll have to decide whether a Suzuki crossover can achieve those aspirations in your life.

It comes in three forms: standard, Outdoor Adventure (with wood effect, of course) and Street Adventure (in three-tone).

We’re expecting more from Suzuki, too, with the brand-new Jimny rumoured to debut at Tokyo. It replaces a car that’s been on sale with barely an update for nearly 20 years. Which gives it either a very easy job, or incredibly tough boots to fill, depending on how much you like the rugged charm of the go-anywhere-for-not-much-money 4×4…

If it’s anything like their very pretty new Ignis, it should be a cracker.

It better be good, the next upgrade will probably be 2150.

What do you think?

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