Tailor-made special edition Bentley Bentayga launched

It seems like a special edition Bentley comes along every few days in the British marque’s centenary year, but here we have something a bit different in a new pair of Bentley Bentayga special editions.

You see, these are a collaboration between Bentley’s flagship UK dealer, Jack Barclay, and Saville Row tailor Huntsman – also celebrating its centenary year. Jack Barclay and Huntsman are based just a few streets apart from each other in London’s hyper-exclusive and hyper-expensive Mayfair district.

So, here we have the Bentayga Sportsman in Candy Red and the Bentayga Businessman in Anthractite with a two-tone metallic and satin finish.

Inside, both feature Huntsman’s own Peck 62 tartan, originally commissioned by legendary actor Gregory Peck for a one-off coat. The Sportsman uses the tartan on tweed in place of wood veneer on the dashboard and waistrails, with other bits in Imperial Blue leather and Liquid Amber veneer.

The Businessman strikes a more serious note, with carbonfibre on the dash and waistrails, and tartan door cards and seat-back map pockets. It also has a chessboard on the rear armrest because Jack Barclay’s showroom has a chequerboard floor.

Bentley’s in-house bespoke department, Mulliner, puts it all together. And, whichever one you buy, the get a tailored Huntsman coat thrown in.

An unspecified number of these spec-ed Bentaygas will be available exclusively through Jack Barclay. We’ve no idea what they cost, but we can guarantee it’ll be A Lot. And you’ll probably have to be on first name terms with the sales manager and send his kids birthday cards to get one.

Like we said, it’s all very hyper-exclusive.

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By Graham King

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