Tesla Model S gets a Brabus bodykit

The day will eventually come when someone works out how to extract more power from Tesla’s electric car powertrain, but we haven’t got there yet. Still, that hasn’t stopped arch tuners Brabus fettling the Tesla Model S; they’ve just left the complicated inner workings alone.

Not that that is much of a problem. The top-spec P90D has 770bhp in Ludicrous mode and, thanks to four-wheel-drive, will out-drag even Brabus’s most powerful rear-drive cars from 0-62mph. Add another 100bhp or so, and the time could well start with a one.

Anyway, what has Brabus done with the Model S, besides paint it a rather fetching shade of blue? Added an aerodynamically useful front splitter, rear spoiler and diffuser, and extra cooling slats in the front bumper. All rendered in carbonfibre with a clear gloss or matt finish.

21-inch forged alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli or Yokohama rubber fill out the ‘arches – the suspension hasn’t been lowered.

As ever, interior possibilities are limitless; this on has been retrimmed in brown leather and alcantara with blue stitching. There’s no extra gadgetry; the Tesla’s electronics are best left alone. But a new centre console has been added, with heated and cooled cupholders and a wireless ‘phone charging pad.

Brabus says it will expand its range of Model S customisation options. Whether that means power upgrades probably depends on Tesla showing them the backdoor to the electronics. Unless they have an ace hacker on staff.

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