Tesla Model S races a jet plane

With Ludicrous Mode engaged, the Tesla Model S P90D can slingshot from 0-60mph in just 2.8secs. As a thousand Youtube videos have demonstrated, that’s quick enough to out-drag just about every supercar on the planet.

But is the P90D quick enough to beat a jet plane off the line? For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, Tesla teamed up with airline Qantas to find out.

On a runway somewhere deep inside Australia, a P90D lines up alongside a Boeing 737 jet airliner. It may only be the mid-range ‘plane in the Boeing range, but it still has two huge engines producing around 50,000lb of thrust. A stern challenge, then.

With a quarter-mile time of 10.9secs, the Tesla is much quicker off the line than the lumbering jet, but that soon gets up to speed. There’s no finish line, so it’s difficult to judge the winner. We’ll call it a draw, though, as the ‘plane draws level with the car just as it reaches its 150mph takeoff speed; the P90D tops out at 155mph.

It’s largely pointless, but awesome to watch. Which is all that matters, really.

By Only Motors

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