Tesla range record…but with catch

Tesla Model S

RANGE anxiety, the curse of the electric car, has been finally cured – but only if you drive like James May.

It has been revealed that a Tesla Model S owner managed to drive 670 miles on one single charge of the battery – a new record distance for an electric vehicle.

However, the downside is that figure was only reached by travelling at an average of 23mph.

So this is great if you’re a granny or Captain Slow but not good if you are a normal person who doesn’t live life like a snail.

Nonetheless, it’s a significant step for the electric car – another huge bit of progress to convince buyers that plug-ins are capable of fitting into a current lifestyle.

It also comes as today it was revealed that AFVs (Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles) sales jumped by a whopping 65 per cent last month as consumers chose to invest in low emissions vehicles.

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S P100D

AFVs celebrated a new market share record high of 5.5 per cent in July with 8,871 new sold. This takes the total of new AFVs joining UK roads this year to around 70,000.

One of the biggest concerns for prospective buyers considering an electric vehicle is “range anxiety”.

Research has shown drivers are reluctant to make the switch to electric cars because they fear its range will be inferior compared to a petrol/diesel equivalent.

This latest world record should allay some of those fears.

One Tesla driver has managed to allay those fears after sharing a picture of his Model S P100D managing to travel 670 miles on a single charge.

The new distance beats the previous record of 560 miles, which was set just one month ago.

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