Only Motors recently tested the Tesla Model S, an electric luxury car built by the hugely ambitious Californian company.

We were completely sold. We loved its quietness, its responsiveness and the immense, instant torque.

At the time, Tesla was based in a single store in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre. In July, it opened its first UK sales and service in West Drayton, Middlesex. And it has started rolling out its network of Supercharger fast-charging points, opening one in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago.

With so much changing at Tesla, we thought it was a good time to pay a visit to Tesla. Tim BC met Tesla Motors Country Director for the UK and Ireland, Georg Ell, at the West Drayton centre, to find out about the technology that underpins Tesla’s cars, where the company is going, and its vision for the future of motoring in general.

Then we took the latest right-hand-drive Model S out on the road to find out what it is like to drive, and what the public thinks of it.

Visit the Tesla website here

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