The best cars in Brightwells’ May sale

A typically eclectic assortment of cars has been amassed for auction house Brightwells’ sale on May 13. There’s even a tractor and a Green Goddess fire engine.

Wandering through the 167-strong lot list, we happened across some entries that are a bit special, or that we’d just like to take home.

Like the Metro GTi-based Banham Superbug (estimate: £1,400 – £1,600), an Audi TT-alike beach car type thing that would be great for some summer fun and probably quite handy for autotests/autosolos, if you’re competitively minded.

We’d be tempted to use the Citroen BX 1.6 TXS (estimate: £800 – £1,000), barely run in with 49,000 miles, as an everyday car. If you service the hydropneumatic system properly they’re not half as troublesome as many car bores would have you believe, and no other car this size has ever had such a comfy ride.

What on Earth you’d use the Daewoo Musiro concept car (no reserve) for, we have no idea. Designed by IAD for the 2000 British Motor Show, it had a MPV-like folding seat arrangement at the back. But it is completely non-functional. There’s no engine or steering, or even any opening panels. It is, essentially, an ornament. We reckon it still looks pretty funky, though.

Much more usable is the deeply weird-looking Dare DZ (estimate: £12,500 – £14,500). Built by the Walklett brothers of Ginetta fame, it has a composite and steel tube chassis dressed in a GRP body that has an F1 car nose, fighter plane middle and sports car rear. Power comes from a modest 130bhp Ford Zetec engine, but the DZ only weighs 700kg. Performance is rapid and the handling a lot of fun. Brightwells’ car is the first of just ten built.

If you’re inclined to get your hands dirty, the Zakspeed replica Ford Escort Mk.2 (£5,500 – £6,000) could be right up your street. All the hard work has already been done, building up a solid bodyshell. Most of the suspension and interior has been done as well. There’s no engine or gearbox, though, so you could fit whatever you want. We’d fit a Honda S2000 drivetrain.

Still needing work though rather more sedate is the Innocenti S Spyder (£2,000 – £2,500). Underneath the extremely pretty Tom Tjaarda-penned body it is simply an MG Midget. That raises all kinds of possibilities for this rust-free example. We’re wondering if there are any period racing specs available; as a 1965 example it would be eligible for all sorts of historic racing series.

And lastly we have what, on paper, looks like a ridiculously expensive 1995 Rover 416 Si (estimate: £2,000 – £4,000). Any normal 1995 Rover 416 Si hasn’t been worth four grand since about 1999. But this isn’t any normal 1995 Rover 416 Si. This is the very first example of the Honda Civic-based Mk.2 400 to roll off the Longbridge production line. One for beyond help Rover fans or connoisseurs for mid-90s repmobiles.

What do you think?

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