Oh yes, it’s finally here. The trailer for The Grand Tour. Our favourite motoring men are back and it looks like they’ve been putting Amazon’s debit card to good use. It. Looks. Spectacular. But in what world would a P1, a 918 and LaFerrari simultaneously drifting NOT be spectacular?

Furthermore, we now have a release date. So, get your pen out and giddily scrawl a circle around November the 18th. That’s when it’s here. That’s when we get our boys back and that’s when the motoring mayhem can start again. As the trailer states, what could possibly go wrong?

Wilman said everything was being filmed in 4K but rubbished press reports that each episode had a £4.5m budget.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival last month, The Grand Tour producer Andy Wilman said: “Like them or loathe them, they are still doing their thing.”