The moment a plane goes through traffic lights

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday. It’s a fine evening in Irvine, California. Commuters are on their way home, minding their own business.

Sat at a set of traffic lights, perhaps absent-mindedly flicking through radio stations, something catches the eye. Something dart-like, shooting through the junction without warning.

Hang on, is that what it looks like?

Well, yeah. It was. It was, indeed, a plane.

Apparently, shortly before this plane goes through traffic lights it suffered engine failure. The pilot performed a ballsy emergency landing on the busy highway, dodged the traffic – incredible luck to get a green light – and brings his Piper Cherokee safely to a halt.

Never mind the surprise of seeing a plane crossing a junction; can you imagine the shock of seeing it landing in your rear view mirror?

Video via Youtube/CalicoStrike

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