The Samsung Safety Truck

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We’ve all been stuck behind a lorry dawdling along a country road for mile after mile. It’s massively frustrating and might prompt you into a dicey overtake.

Personally, I don’t commit to an overtake unless I’m absolutely sure about it. After all, you’re never too far from a junction or dual carriageway in the UK, so they’ll be an opportunity to get past soon, anyway.

But that isn’t the case on Argentina’s mostly rural, single-carriageway roads. It could be a 100 miles to the next junction, so are you really going to sit there for hours on the possibility that the lorry will take the next turn off?

Of course not. Trouble is, Argentinian country roads are very busy, so overtaking is pretty dangerous. Indeed, it’s the biggest cause of fatal crashes. But there is a solution – the Samsung Safety Truck.

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