The Ford Model T is one of the great icons of motoring. Not only was it first the first car to be made in significant volumes, it was also one of the first truly affordable cars.

Production started in 1908 and it so became a best-seller. There was nothing it couldn’t do – it was just as happy hacking across fields as it was pootling around town. Over 15 million were built.

Even the youngest Model T is nearly 90 years old now, but it remains a popular, usable vintage car. The T-Service is one of the UK’s leading specialists, offering everything from basic servicing to full restoration. The company hasn’t been around long, but it has a growing – and loyal – band of enthusiast customers.

Only Motors went along to the T-Service to find out what it takes to keep these wonderful old machines on the road in the 21st Century.

You can watch out interview with The T-Service owner, Richard Rimmer, here.

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