This Audi RS7 is world’s fastest armoured car

There’s a very large dichotomy that comes with any armoured car. Because, while it may be able withstand a bomb blast, the weight of the armour blunts performance to such an extent that any assailants could keep up at an easy jog. This Audi RS7 addresses that problem.

It’s built by American outfit AddArmor. Rather use thick, heavy steel plating for the armour, this RS7’s panels are reinforced with a polycarbonate composite. Which is 10 times stronger than ballistic steel, AddArmor claims.

Likewise, the windows are made from a comparitively light polycarbonate and ballistic glass laminate. (In this form, the RS7’s protection is rated at B4 level, so it’s resistant to handgun fire. AddArmor can build one to top-level B7 proctection if you live a particularly dangerous life.)

In total, the armour only adds 90kg to the RS7’s weight.

By contrast, Volvo’s recently launched XC90 Armoured weighs over two tons more than standard, tipping the scales at a whopping 4,490kg. But since that’s literally bombproof, perhaps the fairer comparison here is with Volvo’s more lightly-armoured offerings, which weigh 250kg more than standard.

Either way, AddArmor’s tech is considerably lighter than traditional steel protection.

As standard, the RS7 sufficiently huge power that an extra 90kg of mass doesn’t affect performance at all – it’s only the weight of a large passenger. But more is more, so AddArmor added an APR tuning package that uncorks 760hp from the 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 motor.

That drops the 0-60mph time down to just 2.9secs. And the limiter has gone, so top speed jumps to 202mph. That’s a turn of speed that even the most skilled sniper will struggle to keep up with.

If all this sounds a bit defensive, AddArmor can equip the RS7 to go on the attack as well. Lights brighter than the sun, a smoke screen, pepper spray dispenser, taser, sonic cannon and even a bull bar for smashing things out of the way can all be added.

And when you’re not doing battle with a small army, you’re still in an RS7 so you can batter across an entire continent at massive speed in absolute comfort.

Price? A lot, probably.

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By Graham King

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