This is the Kahn Vengeance

British car designer Afzal Kahn has revealed the first images of his new coachbuilt supercar, the Kahn Vengeance.

The Vengeance is based on the Aston Martin DB9. Though full details haven’t been released yet, it looks like every single panel has been altered. The wheelarches have been reprofiled, there’s a huge power bulge in the bonnet and a raised section in the roof. The front appears completely new, even down to the headlights, and rear has been heavily redesigned.

Yet you can still see the Aston Martin under it. It remains to be seen how the Gaydon firm reacts: earlier this year former Aston design boss Henrik Fisker showed off his interpretation of the Vanquish, but it was kyboshed after legal action threatened on the basis that it looked too much like the base car.

Assuming Kahn does start building his Vengeance, the first are likely to be completed by the end of this year. Prices are expected to be around £300,000. Seems steep, but then its perfectly possible to spend that much at Aston’s own in-house bespoke department, Q by Aston Martin. And the David Brown Speedback GT, a similar coachbuilt coupe based on the Jaguar XKR costs about the same.

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