Top 10 depreciation busters revealed

1. Range Rover Evoque Avg. price new: £35,204 Avg. value after 3 yrs: £24,542 (70.2%)

Depreciation: it’s the bane of every car buyer’s life, the loss of value that starts the second you drive the car off the dealer’s forecourt.

The cost of VAT, delivery charges and any other taxes are wiped out instantly; the rest is dictated by trends and preferences in the used car market. And the used car market is a very fickle thing.

The average depreciation rate is around 50-60 per cent over three years. But some cars perform significantly better than that. Car valuers CAP, the acknowledged experts on predicting depreciation, have put together a list of the top ten depreciation busters.

Click through the gallery below to see what they are and how much value they retain.

So, what conclusions can draw from this data? First, there’s a strong bias towards crossovers and SUVs (six out of ten). Second, there’s an even stronger bias towards premium marques (eight out of ten). And third, they’re all cars that inspire strong loyalty in their owners.

So, if you care about how much your car is going to be worth when you move it on, learn these lessons.

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