Top 5 Lego cars that need to go on sale

There are dozens of Lego car kits. Not just generic comedy caricatures either, but faithful recreations of cars that actually exist.

In the last few weeks, a Ferrari F40 has been add to the Innovator range and just a couple of days ago, Mercedes announced that it’s latest four-axle tipper truck can now be had in Lego Technic form.

Now, the amazing thing about Lego is that it will take suggestions for new kits from literally anyone via the Lego Ideas website. Sifting through the submissions, the creativity on show is incredible. Some are computer-generated renderings, but most are made for real out of existing bricks by enthusiasts. Visitors to the ‘site can give there support to a design; when it reaches 10,000 supporters, Lego management will consider it for production.

Inevitably, many of the submissions are cars. I barely scratched the surface of the 5,000-odd submissions but quickly found five that have to go on sale. Like, now. ‘Cause I want one. Badly.

Chevrolet Corvette

Under review by Lego for production after reaching the required 10,000 supporters, this is a very faithful representation of a 1969 C3 ‘Vette. Created by Brickdater simply because he couldn’t afford the real thing, it features a detailed interior and engine bay; opening doors; a very clever roof arrangement that allows it to be a coupe, convertible or targa; and even pop-up headlights. How cool is that!?

Caterham Seven

This delicious Caterham has reached the necessary 10,000 supporters but has yet to be considered by Lego. Bricktrix_Carl has achieved an incredible level of detail, including the interior, engine bay and even the stripes. I can only assume he had to make some of the parts himself, which could make it expensive if it ever went on sale. Personally, I’d perfer mine without the ‘screens.

Volkswagen Transporter

To be honest, I’m surprised Lego doesn’t already make this VW Transporter pick-up. Again, Norton74 (whose previous work includes an extremely convincing Scania lorry) has packed in a huge amount of detail, including a hinged windscreen. It’s hard to get a sense of scale with these images, but I think it’s ‘palm of the hand’ size. Small, but perfectly formed. Currently on 2,317 supporters with 175 days left to vote.

Lamborghini Veneno

Lambo’s sharp-edged, limited-run Veneno was practically made to be modelled in Lego. Made by Firas_supercar, it’s a bit of a caricature, but so is the real thing. A production version might need some specialised bricks to clean up a few of the more jagged edges. 2,141 supporters with 529 days left.

Toyota Landcruiser BJ40

I’ve saved my favourite till last. Matthew Inman has reproduced the ‘Cruiser in full-on Aussie outback spec, complete with ‘roo bars and whip aerial. The doors open, the roof comes off and the chassis is fully detailed – it even looks like the leaf springs work properly. Just the thing for traversing an imaginary desert. 1,138 supporters with 533 days left.

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