Debate rages about the exact definition of a classic car. It’s mostly led by traditionalists who view anything built after 1980 as modern junk and can’t process the fact that at least two generations of enthusiasts have come along in the last 36 years with a rather different perspective.

Personally, I define a classic as any car that’s no longer in production and has some sort of organised following. Even if it’s just two guys on a forum.

Much to the chagrin of those traditionalists, by far the biggest growth area in the classic car market is the post-1980 machinery they’re so sniffy about. It’s fuelled by people aged between about 25 and 45 who grew up with those cars, have made a bit of money and are feeling nostalgic about the past. It’s the same cycle that made humdrum fare like the Ford Cortina a cast-iron classic for previous generations.

Brightwells is the latest auction house to cotton onto the trend and is holding its first dedicated sale for ‘modern classics’ on 23 June. The catalogue is quite fascinating, as it’s full of cars I didn’t realise I haven’t seen in ages.

Here’s the pick of the bunch.

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