Top picks from Anglia Car Auctions’ January sale

1990 VW Golf G60 Rallye - Group A rallying homologation special with 160bhp, supercharged 1.8 engine, 4WD and oh-so-80s box flare wheelarches. This one looks to be in completely original, unmolested condition. Hugely sought-after in VW circles. Not sold

You wouldn’t have thought there’s a much spare sloshing around in January as everyone’s wallets recover from Christmas. And yet there are a lot of auction on this month.

Coys gets the ball rolling at the Autosport show this very weekend, then Anglia Car Auctions follows with its first sale of the year on the 23rd.

ACA is going from strength to strength, drawing in over 200 cars for the sale at its base in King’s Lynn. It’s a typically diverse selection, taking in everything from micro-mileage, one-elderly-owner-from-new superminis, to hot hatches, sports car, luxo barges and everything in between.

As usual, Only Motors has trawled the catalogue to find the cars we think are worth a punt. If you can call anything up to 30 grand ‘a punt’.

View the full catalogue here

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