Top picks from Brightwells’ November sale

1996 Renault Clio Williams 3 - Best the 90s hot hatch; perhaps the best ever. Raucous 150bhp 2.0 engine and terrier-like handling. This one looks very usable, having had a lot of work, inc. some sensible mods, done. Sold for £3,800

Brightwells always puts together an eclectic selection cars and frequently digs up some real oddities, too. Its upcoming sale on 25 November is no different.

As ever, Only Motors has trawled the catalogue to find the cars we think you should invest your money in. At least, that’s how we justify spending a couple of hours looking at old cars. It’s good, old fashioned consumer journalism we’re doing here. Honest!

View the full catalogue here

By Only Motors

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