Knight Rider is back…as a Toyota!

Toyota concept GR HV Sports

ANYONE know what David Hasselhoff is doing these days?

Because we’ve found his car in the 21st century.

Knight Rider is back in the form of a Toyota concept called the GR HV Sports that will be unveiled at the Tokyo Show in a fortnight.

It actually appears to be the GT86’s evil cousin.

This concept features a hybrid drivetrain. Rather than lifting one straight out of a nearby Prius, though, this one comes with THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System-Racing) technology that’s inspired by Toyota’s hybrid Le Mans car.

Sounds flash.

Like Knight Rider, it’s also very techy.

Toyota concept GR HV Sports
Toyota concept GR HV Sports

One interesting feature of its sportier mindset is the operation of its automatic gearbox.

Press a button and it locks into a manual mode – nothing unusual about that – but its six speeds are then chosen via a manual-style H-pattern gear stick.

So at least the car connoisseur of the future can still roar through the gears.

It also gets a rather splendid red gearknob. KITT would love that.

The powertrain starts via a flip-top ignition switch on that odd manual lever, while the roof pops out in a homage to targa Toyota sports cars of the past, such as the Supra and Mk2 MR2.

I’m off to find my black leather jacket, chest wig and medallion.

Phil Lanning

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