The trouble with smartphones and cars

The smartphone revolution is well and truly here. With a single device you can carry your entire life in your pocket.

Car manufacturers have noticed as much and most now offer infotainment (dreadful word, that) systems that can sync your ‘phone to the car, allowing you use at least some of its functions through the car’s controls.

Apparently we consumers are demanding this connectivity (another dreadful word) and it’s a neat dodge around the law against using a hand-held ‘phone whilst driving.

But there is something that car manufacturers have missed. Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, to the extent that you can’t really sit down with it in your trouser pocket. Or even a jacket pocket, because the seatbelt will inevitably press it uncomfortably into your torso.

But where do you then put it? I have yet to come across a single car with a convenient space for my enormous HTC One. So it either takes up a cup holder or rattles around in a cubby or the door bin.

My own Audi A3 has a little roller shutter that pulls over the cup holders in the centre console, creating a space of almost exactly the right size. But then, where do I put a cup?

Often the most convenient place is a windscreen-mounted cradle. But that has to be retrieved from the glovebox and suctioned into place. Which isn’t convenient at all.

Something must be done and so, I issue a plea to the world’s car makers to start fitting their cars with a suitable smartphone holder. Perhaps on the door card. It surely wouldn’t cost much money and would remove a little annoyance from everyone’s life.





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