Truck jumps F1 car and breaks world record

This is the most awesome thing you’ll see this week – an articulated lorry jumping over an F1 car.

Mike Ryan, a man who races lorries in the Pikes Peak hillclimb, launched the Lotus F1 Team Renault Magnum and trailer off an enormous ramp – at an unspecified speed – straight over a proper Lotus F1 car.

Mike cleared 83 feet, 7 inches, a Guinness World Record. Most people involved, especially driver Martin Ivanovic, were probably just happy that 20-odd tons of truck didn’t come crashing down on several million pounds-worth of F1 car.

If you can watch without your jaw hitting the floor, you’re doing better than we did.

Oh, and in case your wondering, it’s an advert for the software company Lotus uses. Watch how it was made by clicking here.

Video via Youtube/emc

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