Tuned 350Z vs E55 AMG (with trailer) drag race

We’ve all met someone who’s fitted their 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa with a K&N air filter and Peco exhaust and claims they’ve beaten a Lamborghini away from the lights.

I usually just roll my eyes and nod along. Sometimes it’s tempting to call them on it, but who can be bothered? And more to the point, my diesel Peugeot estate would be beaten by a feather blown along on a light breeze.

But here’s a guy who did call a buddy on claims his tuned Nissan 350Z had dusted a Mercedes C63 AMG. Fortunately for him, he had the machinery to teach the boaster a lesson.

So, when Nissan man wanted a drag race, our man jumped in his Mercedes E55 AMG and hooked up 1,000 pounds of trailer and lawn mower. If you’re going to make a point, you may as well make it emphatically.

Pride always comes before a fall and, deliciously, it’s Nissan man who gets dirt kicked in his face as Merc and trailer leave him for dead.

Video via Youtube/TamMus

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