Tuner plans 200mph GT-R engined Nissan Navara

Nissan GT-R tuner Severn Valley Motorsport is notoriously mental. This is the company behind the 1100bhp, 222mph GT-R-engined Qashqai, but it seems even that wasn’t enough. Now SVM wants to pull the same trick with the Nissan Navara pick-up.

SVM hasn’t actually built NavZilla yet (the image above is a Photoshop job it released) but the Telford firm is keen as mustard to do one and say it can take just about any form.

The easiest option would be to simply drop a standard, c.550bhp GT-R engine and dual-clutch gearbox/four-wheel-drive powertrain into a suitably modified Navara chassis. Or you could go the whole hog and graft the truck’s body onto a full GT-R chassis (as per QashZilla), tuned up to the maximum 1500bhp SVM can extract. With that, SVM reckons on a top speed of 230mph.

Then there’s the possibility of rear-wheel-drive and manual gearbox conversions.

Really the only limiting factor is the depth of the customer’s pockets. SVM estimates the body-graft option would cost around £175,000 plus VAT. Which is a lot for a tuned Nissan, but not that much for what would probably be the fastest road-legal pick-up truck in the world.

It seems SVM doesn’t want to stop with the Navara, either. According to Top Gear, they will happily squeeze the GT-R’s gubbins into just about any Nissan bodyshell. We’d go for an Eighties Bluebird; that, surely, would be the ultimate ‘sleeper’.

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