Crazy stunts of new kid on the Block

Tyler Witte Subaru Impreza stunts

IT’S the new kid on the Block…

Almost 10 years ago Ken Block took a two-year-old Subaru Impreza to an airfield and hooned about for hours. He decided to upload it onto YouTube and thereafter a star was born.

That video got over 15 MILLION viewers. Yes 15million.

It’s now had a further nine versions and is now known better as the Gymkhana series.

Tyler Witte Subaru Impreza stunts
Tyler Witte Subaru Impreza stunts

Thousands of blokes around the world can now tell their girlfriends they are going to the gym. That in fact means eating a pizza at home watching Block on YouTube doing burnouts.

However now as Block has become a megastar, a 29-year-old guy from Atlanta called Tyler Witte has stripped it back to the original by taking another Scooby out and giving it the tyre-screeching, donut-burning, handrake-pulling, ears-bleeding treatment.

Tyler Witte Subaru Impreza stunts
Tyler Witte Subaru Impreza stunts

The end result is Block without the bucks, minus Monster Energy and Ford logos but it’s just a hellishly outrageous.

Not only that but the crew match Witte for outstanding courage.

It’s unmissable. It’s a new Blockbuster.

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