Brits more scared of parking than dentist

Parking is scary according to UK drivers

UK MOTORISTS are more scared of finding a parking space than going to the dentist!

Two-thirds of drivers have even cancelled a family outing over the fear of not being able to locate a spot, according to a new study.

And almost half of motorists even break the law by dumping their motor in spaces they shouldn’t.

The shocking stress of parking was revealed by peer-to-peer parking service Spacehopper.

Firm director Alex Walker said: “Brits say they are law abiding, but in reality it seems that half of us have been forced to park illegally just to get on with our lives.”

But it doesn’t have to be that difficult, as there are plenty of things you can do to make finding a space easier.

From apps that find a spot to paying on your phone so you don’t have to hunt for change and reserving bays in advance to Google.

Parking is scary according to UK drivers
Parking is scary according to UK drivers

There are several companies, for example, out there that allow homeowners to rent their driveways out for parking.

Google really can do it all – almost.

If you’re in London or Manchester you can now call up the Maps app and it’ll give you a rating for each area and the chances of finding a space.

Similar to a homeowner renting their unused drives, there are also plenty of office car parks that are empty in the evenings or at weekends.

In fact, Spacehopper estimates there are 2.6million parking spaces owned by businesses in the UK.

Or if not, get the bus!

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