Video: Damn, Nascar, You Scary!

Tick, tick boom!

Nascar. We don’t really ‘do’ Nascar in the UK. It’s nothing personal, we just tend to enjoy F1 – our own form of dull circuit racing. We could go looking for more, but when you’ve got Hamilton’s whining face on tap, why bother? Please send your hate-mail about that comment to Pollitt.

Anyway, we digress. While Nascar may not appeal to us a whole, there’s no denying that the crashes are pretty spectacular. Or, in this weird case, the… um, explosions. No, really, look:

The incident happened at Watkins Glen International with just 23 laps to go. Sensing something was wrong, Xfinity Series driver Derrike Cope pulled off the track and made an attempt to get back to the pits. Alas, it was a fruitless exercise, as the Chevrolet decided it’d had enough. Boom. The end. Fetch a tow truck.

Nobody actually knows what happened, which is worrying. The car has been taken to Nascars R&D facility for further investigation. The main thing is that Derrike walked away. Proof that even though it looked horrific, the car was still built well enough to deal with it. Well done Nascar chaps.

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