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A collection of videos surrounding outstanding driving and the behind the scenes of any stunts and productions

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Furious Outlaws – Magnus and Sung

Furious Outlaws. A short film about cars, modifying them and what it means to people like us. Oh, and Magnus Walker is there, and Sung Kang!
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Do you think this would stop you?

How do you stop a car that doesn't want to be stopped? You use the Grappler, that's how. Watch and see the awesome bit of kit in action!
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Tesla drives itself home, no crashing!

Talk of autonomous cars is forever present in the current motoring world. Everyone is very excited about the prospect of being driven to the shops, or home from the pub, without the need for a human driver. Per... read more....
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Mad Max – No time for CGI

It's Friday. That's good. The end of the week is here, and soon it will be time for a cooling beer and thoughts a lie in. That is, of course, if you can get home without being trapped in traffic. Being stuck in... read more....
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BMW Films – Star by Guy Ritchie

Way back in 2001 and 2002, BMW did something spectacular. It gave big-name Hollywood directors carte blanche to make a series of short films, complete with a hefty budget. Only two things had to remain the same... read more....

Bryce Menzies Jumps a Village!

We've touched on trophy trucks in the past and seems that since then, things aren't getting any less bonkers. Something Bryce Menzies was keen to prove by, you know, JUMPING OVER AN ENTIRE VILLAGE. The stunt... read more....
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Check out this Badass Latvian drifter

Kristaps Bluss. Heard of him? Probably not, and if that's the case, shame on you. Why? Because he's chuffing awesome, that's why. As can be seen in this brilliant little video entitled: Badass Latvian. Because ... read more....