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Don’t text and drive, okay?

There is no text so important that is can't wait. As this M1 truck crash goes to show. If it beeps, just wait until you're stopped.
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BMW Films are back – The Escape

BMW Films - the pinnacle of motoring goodness. And happily, they're back complete with Clive Owen, big budgets and lots of stunts
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Tesla drives itself home, no crashing!

Talk of autonomous cars is forever present in the current motoring world. Everyone is very excited about the prospect of being driven to the shops, or home from the pub, without the need for a human driver. Personally, it's not my bag. I've seen Terminator too... please read on ......
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He fought the law and, the law won. Via a shootout. With most of Seattle PD. Don't commit crime, kids. It's just not worth it.
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Now THAT’S an overtake!

Rallycross and brutal overtaking moves go hand in hand. As can be seen here, thanks to mental wheel-man, Kevin Eriksson!